Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unity in Humanity - Something a little more serious from the Natchan

After recent disasters, reports, the presidential election, etc. I've got to thinking about humanity in general. I'm not getting after people or talking down to anyone. I just want to put this out there and remind people that we're all human. We're of the some race no matter what color, size, language, etc. We shouldn't be separated in anyway shape or form. We should be willing to help others and hope that they would do the same for us. We should say "Hello" and smile to strangers, you never know it might make their day. Help people out. Guard their back. Stop being judgmental and accept everyone for who they are. White, Black, Gay, Straight, Tall, Short, Large, Small, Old, Young, etc...we're all people. I think we should band together, not tear each other apart...or eventually....there won't even be people left to persecute. Unity for Humanity. Think about it. Thank you. I'll put away my soap box now. :)

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